Skandha Bundler

Checkout Skandha bundler code on GitHub

Run from Source Code

Run with one-liner:

curl -fsSL | bash

Or follow steps below:

git clone && cd skandha
yarn build && yarn bootstrap
cp config.json.default config.json
edit config.json
(optional) run local geth-node from test/geth-dev
./skandha standalone

Skandha will run for all chains available in config.json

Networks will be available at http://localhost:14337/{chainId}/ (e.g. for dev http://localhost:14337/1337/)

How to run (a Docker image)

cp config.json.default config.json

edit config.json

docker build -t etherspot/skandha .

docker run --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)"/config.json,target=/usr/app/config.json,readonly -dp 14337:14337 etherspot/skandha standalone

Additional features

Unsafe mode - bypass opcode & stake validation

Redirect RPC - Redirect ETH rpc calls to the underlying execution client. This is needed if you use UserOp.js

CLI Options

—unsafeMode - enables unsafeMode

—redirectRpc - enables redirecting eth rpc calls