Arka is Etherspot’s implementation of a paymaster.

In short, the paymaster component let’s us implement gasless transactions. This means we can let the user pay with ERC-20 tokens, or pay for specific user transactions ourselves.

Instantiate Arka

When instantiating the Prime SDK we now can add a new value into it, paymasterApi.

// Initialising the sdk
const primeSdk = new PrimeSdk({ privateKey: process.env.WALLET_PRIVATE_KEY }, { chainId: 5,
    paymasterApi: {url: '', context: {}, api_key: 'API_KEY'}, projectKey: ''})

For now we only have it available for testing on Goerli.

Please get in touch if you wish to have your Etherspot addresses whitelisted for testing.

We will sponsor the transactions for addresses which are whitelisted on this testnet version.