Bundler API keys are passed into the SDK on instantiation. This key is used to track how many calls are made to the to Skandha on whichever chains we support.

You can pass in the API key on instantiation.

There are different plans available for subscription dependant on however many API calls need made.


Quota: 350000 calls / month Rate: 20 calls / 1 minute(s)


Quota: 7000000 calls / month Rate: 50 calls / 1 minute(s)


Quota: 250000000 calls / month Rate: 200 calls / 1 minute(s)

Users can generate their API key by going to https://portal.etherspot.io/

Here you can register with your email address, click on the Bundler APIs section, and select the plan you wish to access.

This will be added to your cart, then you can add a new app to assign this key to like so:

Checking out free API plan

Now you can navigate your apps and find your API key!

Here we can update our app details, rotate the key, revoke the key or delete the app.

Editing app details