The entrypoint contract and address is the same across all EVM networks, this page gives a brief overview of each error code to help with debug.

AA1x error codes relate to creating an account

AA10 Sender already constructed

The sender has already been established, therefore there is no need to execute the initCode. This issue might arise if you try to create an account multiple times.

AA13 initCode failed or OOG

The initCode failed to create the account or ran out of gas. “OOG” is an abbreviation for Out-Of-Gas. Check the amount of gas consumed, and then verify the initCode or the factory contract is correct.

AA14 initCode must return sender

The initCode fails to provide the sender address. Verify either the initCode or the factory contract for potential issues.

AA15 initCode must create sender

The initCode within the user operation fails to generate an account. Please inspect the initCode or the factory contract for potential issues.

AA2x error codes relate to the sender of the user operation

AA20 Account not deployed

The user operation’s sender has not been deployed, and no initCode is specified. If this is the initial transaction for this account, ensure that an initCode is included. Otherwise, confirm that the specified sender address is correct and corresponds to an ERC-4337 account.

AA21 Didn’t pay prefund

The sender lacked sufficient funds to prefund the EntryPoint for the user operation. If a paymaster is utilized, it’s probable that the paymasterAndData field is not properly set. In the absence of a paymaster, the sender’s address might not have an adequate gas token balance. Following the execution of the user operation, any remaining prefund is reimbursed to the sender.

AA22 Expired or not due

The signature is invalid as it falls outside the designated time range.

AA23 reverted (or OOG)

The validation of the sender’s signature was declined or encountered a gas exhaustion issue, denoted by “OOG” for Out-Of-Gas. This could be due to a low verificationGasLimit.

In case you encounter an “AA23 reverted OOG” error, it indicates insufficient native tokens with the sender to cover the gas expenses for the User Operation. If you intend to utilize a Paymaster for sponsorship, verify that the paymasterAndData field in the user operation is accurately configured to facilitate the correct handling of gas fees.

AA24 Signature Error

Verify the format of the signature field in the user operation, as it may be in an incompatible format.

AA25 Invalid account nonce

The nonce is not valid. The user operation might be reusing an outdated nonce or incorrectly formatting the nonce.

AA3x error codes relate to paymasters

AA30 Paymaster not deployed

The specified paymaster address in paymasterAndData does not contain any code. Verify that the initial characters in the paymasterAndData field correspond to the intended paymaster address.

AA31 Paymaster deposit too low

The paymaster has insufficient funds. Additional gas tokens must be deposited into the EntryPoint for the paymaster, typically achieved by invoking the deposit function within the paymaster contract. If you are utilizing a paymaster service, promptly get in touch with them.

AA32 Paymaster expired or not due

The paymaster’s signature is invalid as it falls outside the designated time range.

AA33 reverted (or OOG)

The paymaster validation was declined or encountered a gas exhaustion issue, denoted by “OOG” for Out-Of-Gas. Initially, verify the paymaster’s signature in paymasterAndData. If the signature is accurate, consider that the verificationGasLimit may be set too low.

AA34 Signature Error

The paymaster’s signature is not valid. Examine the format of the signature in paymasterAndData.

AA4x error codes relate to verification generally

AA40 Over verification gas limit

The verification gas limit has been surpassed. Review the verificationGasLimit specified in your user operation.

AA41 Too little verification gas

Verifying the user operation took too much gas and did not complete. You may need to increase verificationGasLimit.

AA5x errors relate to actions after the user operation was executed

AA50 PostOp reverted

Following the completion of the user operation, the execution of additional logic by the EntryPoint resulted in a revert.

AA51 prefund below actualGasCost

The actual cost of the user operation is higher than the total amount of gas approved. The prefund is the amount that the EntryPoint is allowed to execute the user operation. After the user operation is executed, the remainder of the prefund is credited back to the sender.