Along with using the Prime SDK, developers can make use of the data service to retreive information such as Account Balances.

For making these api-calls, you’ll need to get a data service api key.

Without passing one in, there is a default key which is very heavily rate limited.

Code example

Start by importing DataUtils from the Prime SDK like so:

import { DataUtils } from '@etherspot/prime-sdk';

Then initialise the Data Service with your api key:

// initializating Data service...
const dataService = new DataUtils(data-api-key);

Finally, call one of the functions listed below:

const hash = '0x7f8633f21d0c0c71d248333a0a2b976495015109a270a6f8a51befe3baf6fb6e';
const transaction = await dataService.getTransaction({ hash, chainId: 11155111 });
console.log('\x1b[33m%s\x1b[0m', `EtherspotWallet transaction:`, transaction);

Function List

Function NameDescription
getAccountBalances()Returns the Account Balance.
getTransaction()Returns details about a transaction.
getNftList()Returns a list of NFTs that the account owns.
getExchangeSupportedAssets()Returns exchange supported tokens on the account.
getExchangeOffers()Returns a list of exchange offers between two assets.
getAdvanceRoutesLiFi()Returns bridging routes between two assets via LiFi.
getCrossChainQuotes()Returns bridging routes between two assets
getTokenLists()Returns a token list.
getTokenListTokens()Returns a specific token from the list.
fetchExchangeRates()Returns exchange rates between two tokens.