This will not work with the social logins example, please follow the instructions on that page for that one specifically.

To run these examples, you can clone the Etherspot Prime SDK repo.

Then cd into the directory and run:

npm i && npm run init

Then create a .env file in the etherspot-prime-sdk directory.

Within it we want to put something like this:


Please ensure to prefix your private key with “0x” so the SDK is instantiated correctly.

Then, you can try running the get address example like this:

npm run 01-get-address

And it should output something like this to show the Etherspot SDK has been instantiated using the private key you used.

> ./node_modules/.bin/ts-node ./examples/01-get-address

EtherspotWallet address: 0xb9798dF748E45F1fB724F50B7542802E5462a58a