Paymasters are used to sponsor transactions and enable paying for gas with ERC20 Tokens.

This section will cover how to use Arka within the SDK, for a more detailed look at Arka and it’s API calls and how to send requests manually, you can check out this part of the docs.

How-to guide

  1. Import the ArkaPaymaster object.
import { ArkaPaymaster } from "@etherspot/prime-sdk";
  1. Initialise the object.

This takes the chainId, Arka API key, and Arka Paymaster URL as parameters.

const arka_api_key = 'arka_public_key';
const arka_url = '';
const arkaPaymaster = new ArkaPaymaster(80001, arka_api_key, arka_url);
  1. Use arkaPaymaster to call functions.
console.log(await arkaPaymaster.metadata());
console.log(await arkaPaymaster.getTokenPaymasterAddress("USDC"))
console.log(await arkaPaymaster.addWhitelist(["0xB3aF6CFDDc444B948132753AD8214a20605692eF"]));
console.log(await arkaPaymaster.removeWhitelist(["0xB3aF6CFDDc444B948132753AD8214a20605692eF"]));
console.log(await arkaPaymaster.checkWhitelist("0xB3aF6CFDDc444B948132753AD8214a20605692eF"));
console.log(await arkaPaymaster.deposit(0.000000001));

Function list

Here is a list of the functions we can call and what they do.


Returns information about the paymaster.

Example output:

  "sponsorAddress": "0xaeAF09795d8C0e6fA4bB5f89dc9c15EC02021567",
  "sponsorWalletBalance": { "type": "BigNumber", "hex": "0x1ed81fac4b400e4d" },
  "chainsSupported": [
         5,      114,
       420,    80001,
     84531,   421613,
    534351, 11155111,
  "tokenPaymasters": {
    "1": { "USDC": "0x0000000000fABFA8079AB313D1D14Dcf4D15582a" },
    "10": { "USDC": "0x0000000000fce6614d3c6f679e48c9cdd09aa634" },
    "56": { "USDC": "0x0000000000db7995889f54d72dac9d36a9f7f467" },


Accepts a string of a token ticker as input and outputs the address of the token paymaster if it is supported.


Accepts an array of strings (valid addresses) and whitelists them on the paymaster.


Accepts an array of strings (valid addresses) and removes them from the whitelist.


Accepts a valid address as a string and returns whether or not an address is whitelisted.


Accepts a number and deposits this to the paymaster.