Etherspot have partnered with Onramper to provide a seamless fiat onramp experience for both dapp developers and users.

Onramper Docs

Crypto supportedhttps://docs.onramper.com/docs/coverage-crypto
Networks supportedhttps://docs.onramper.com/docs/coverage-network
Fiat supportedhttps://docs.onramper.com/docs/coverage-fiat
Payment methodshttps://docs.onramper.com/docs/coverage-payment

Using the SDK, developers can easily call a function which will open the Onramper widget with all the values the user wishes. These include things such as the address of the smart contract account, the type of fiat they want to onramp from, the amount, and the type of crypto they wish to purchase.

With the Etherspot SDK instantiated, you can simply call:


Without any values passed in this will open the default Onramper widget.

The Etherspot SDK offers a number of values that can be passed in to make sure the user is directed correctly. All of these are optional.

Optional Parameters

defaultAmountnumberDefault fiat amount to display when the widget loads
defaultFiatstringDefault fiat currency to display when the widget loads
isAmountEditablebooleanDefault fiat currency to display when the widget loads
onlyFiatsstringSelect the specific fiat currencies to display
excludeFiatsstringSelect the specific fiat currencies to exclude
defaultCryptostringDefault crypto currency to display when the widget loads
excludeCryptosstringParameter to exclude specific crypto currencies
onlyCryptosstringSelect the specific crypto currencies to display
excludeCryptoNetworksstringParameter to exclude specific crypto networks
onlyCryptoNetworksstringSelect the specific crypto networks to display
themeNamestringSelect the theme the widget will use (dark or light)

So now we can tailor the widget specifically to what the dev wants their user to purchase.

In this example we want USD to show as the fiat. We only want ETH to show as the crypto to buy. We don’t want to make the amount configurable. We don’t want the amount to be editable.

We can put together the function like this:

primeSdk.getFiatOnRamp(defaultFiat="USD", onlyCryptos="ETH", defaultAmount=10, isAmountEditable=false)

Which will generate a link like this.


The address will be set to the Etherspot smart account generated by the SDK.