Bundlers are the backbone of 4337, their purpose is to read from a mempool of userOperations and bundle these together, to ensure multiple transactions are included on chain at a lower cost.

Skandha is a fully ERC:4337 compliant, production grade bundler built with Typescript.

Skandha specifically focuses on optimizing the gas costs associated with executing multiple transactions on the Ethereum network. It achieves this by intelligently grouping individual transactions into bundles, which are then processed as a single unit. By bundling transactions together, Skandha reduces the overall gas fees compared to executing each transaction individually.

One of the key features of Skandha is its ability to handle multiple transaction types, such as simple transfers, smart contract interactions, and even batched transactions. This flexibility allows developers to efficiently manage complex transaction scenarios and optimize their gas usage.

Additionally, Skandha provides advanced features like transaction ordering and priority management. It allows developers to specify the order in which transactions should be executed and assign priority levels to ensure critical transactions are processed promptly.

Etherspot’s Skandha bundler aims to simplify and enhance the transaction management process for Ethereum developers, optimizing gas costs and improving overall efficiency when interacting with the Ethereum network.

Bundler Modes

Skandha has two different modes it can be run in, public and private.

The public version of Skandha works like any other, showing all transactions that are validated publically.

The private version has the option to hide whitelisted networks of transactions and wallets from public view.