The EtherspotTokenTransferTransaction React Component helps you facilitate the transfer of an asset (such as PLR. USDC or SHIB) to another account. You just need to provide the token address, the destination address and the amount of tokens you want to transfer to the destination address, and we’ll take it from there.

About token addresses

Remember to research the correct token address on the correct blockchain you are sending to. Do not send tokens to another blockchain as it will be lost. Keep transfers on the same blockchain.

Component Properties

tokenAddressThe token’s Smart Contract address that will be permitted to be moved to the recieverAddress.
receiverAddressThe destination blockchain address (on the same chain) permitted for the tokens located at tokenAddress to be moved to.
valueThe maximum value that the token address is allowed to move to the receiverAddress.

How to use

// In your functional component or elsehwere
const onEstimateReceiver = (estimationData) => {
    'This is the cost estimate for all the batches',

// In your render or as a component...
<EtherspotBatches onEstimated={onEstimateReceiver}>
      The following <EtherspotTokenTransferTransaction />
      component will transfer 5 USDC from the built-in
      Etherspot Smart Wallet account to the receiverAddress.
      In the example below:
      - The tokenAddress is the USDC contract address
        on Ethereum
      - The receiverAddress is the destination of the
        token amount being transferred
      - The value determines how much of the USDC is
        being transferred to the receiverAddress
      You can add more <Etherspot*Transaction />
      components here, and they will all be executed
      together and at the same time (i.e. as part of
      this batch).