This page provides a simplified overview of ERC-4337, aiming to help developers grasp the basic concepts of its different components and their integration for application development.

ERC-4337 consists of four main components: UserOperations, Bundlers, EntryPoint, and Contract Accounts. Paymasters and Aggregators can also complement these components.

Components of ERC-4337:

UserOperations: These are pseudo-transaction objects generated by your application, facilitating the execution of transactions with contract accounts.

Bundlers: These are actors responsible for gathering UserOperations from a mempool and transmitting them to the EntryPoint contract on the blockchain.

EntryPoint: This is a singleton smart contract that handles the verification and execution logic for transactions.

Contract Accounts: These are smart contract accounts owned by users.

Paymasters: These optional smart contract accounts can sponsor transactions for Contract Accounts.

Aggregators: These optional smart contracts can validate signatures for multiple Contract Accounts.